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6 Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following

1) Alli Speed 

Why You Should Subscribe: Alli travels a lot, which means you’ll get to see a bunch of cool items from around the world in her haul videos.

2) Zoella

Why You Should Subscribe: She’s more like a stylish friend than a beauty expert. This is great for two reasons: 1) Her tutorials aren’t over-the-top, they’re mostly everyday looks and you don’t need much experience to be able to pull them off. 2) The hauls contain cute products that are usually affordable.

3) Michelle Phan

Why You Should Subscribe: Her beauty transformations are works of art. She can make herself look like anyone, from celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne to characters like Princess Jasmine and Catwoman.

4) Kandee Johnson

Why You Should Subscribe: Like Michelle Phan, Kandee does some amazing beauty transformations (mainly of celebrities and movie characters).

5) Yuya

Why You Should Subscribe: She does a bit of everything—Fashion & Beauty DIYs, Hair & Makeup Tutorials, Beauty Favorites, Styling Tips, etc. Plus, she’s extremely colorful and energetic!

6) Talia Joy

Why You Should Subscribe: Unfortunately, Talia lost her fight with cancer on July 16, 2013. However, her YouTube channel is still up and I think the fact that she became a makeup guru at the age of 13 is reason enough to scroll through some of her old videos.


Wish List: H&M Home Collection


Metal Candlestick, $6.95-$9.95
Love the rustic vibe these candlesticks give off!


Owl Pillowcase, $5.95
Confession Time: I love anything with an owl on it.


Floral Dishcloth, $2.95
We all have to face those dreaded dishes, might as well use something pretty to clean them!


Soft Rattle, $6.95
I may not have a child, but I still really like this rattle…partially because it reminds me of Super Mario Bros.


Metal Box, $6.95
This may be for children, but it’s so cute that I kind of want it for myself!


Bath Towel, $17.95
Love that this towel has three different jacquard weaved patterns.


Doormat, $24.95
Why not remind yourself that you need to enjoy the simple things every time you walk through the door?